• Banned words detection

    Checks for banned and offensive words.
  • Blank lines detection

    Checks for unnecesary and missing blank lines.
  • Empty files detection

    Checks for files that don't have any content.
  • Invalid file permissions detection

    Checks for files that have invalid permissions set.
  • Generated files detection

    Checks for generated files, that should not be in the repository.
  • Gitleaks

    Audits repository for secrets and other unwanted data types in the source code and its history.
  • JSON syntax

    Checks if all JSON files in the repository are parsable.
  • Typos detector

    Tool that looks for typos and spelling mistakes in the code documentation.
  • Unnecessary .gitkeep files

    Checks if there are .gitkeep files in folders that contain other files.
  • YAML syntax

    Checks if all YAML files in the repository are parsable.
  • Brakeman

    Brakeman is a static analysis tool which checks Ruby on Rails applications for security vulnerabilities.
  • Capistrano Files Names

    Ensures that all Capistrano tasks have proper .cap extension.
  • Fasterer

    Fasterer will suggest some speed improvements which you can check in detail at the fast-ruby Github repository.
  • File Format Checker

    Checks for unwanted and unnecessary files in the repository.
  • HAML-lint

    Tool to help keep your HAML files clean and readable.
  • RSpec files names

    Ensures that all files located in spec/ directory match the required _spec.rb format.
  • Railroader

    A security static analysis tool for Ruby on Rails applications
  • Rails Best Practices

    Code metric tool to check the quality of Rails code.
  • Rake Files Names

    Ensures that all Rake tasks have proper .rake extension.
  • Reek

    Reek is a tool that examines Ruby classes, modules and methods and reports any Code Smells it finds.
  • RuboCop

    RuboCop is a Ruby static code analyzer. Out of the box it will enforce many of the guidelines outlined in the community Ruby Style Guide.
  • RuboCop I18n

    RuboCop I18n - an extension for detecting and autocorrecting undecorated strings for i18n
  • RuboCop Minitest

    RuboCop extension focused on enforcing Minitest best practices and coding conventions.
  • RuboCop Performance

    RuboCop Performance - an extension of RuboCop focused on code performance checks.
  • RuboCop RSpec

    RuboCop RSpec-specific analysis for your repository.
  • RuboCop Rails

    RuboCop Ruby on Rails-specific analysis for your repository.
  • RuboCop Rake

    RuboCop Rake - an extension of RuboCop focused on rake checks.
  • RuboCop Sequel

    RuboCop Sequel - an extension for code style checking for Sequel
  • RuboCop Thread Safety

    RuboCop Thread Safety - an extension of RuboCop focused on thread safety checks.
  • Test files structure

    Checks if there's a proper structure relation between code files and specs/tests.
  • YARD-lint

    Tool to help you keep your YARD documentation clean and readable by running it against a collection of rules.
  • Eslint

    ESLint is an open source pluggable linting utility for JavaScript.